Roelof van Dijk

face_recognition: Fast and accurate face recognition in Python

Adam Geitgey write a Python library that makes using face recognition in any project very, very easy: face_recognition.

It works on live video (using OpenCV), images or recorded video. A quick way to get started is to install it using pip install face_recognition and test this script. Make your own annotated images (e.g. shoot an image with your webcam and store it as Name.jpg). The github repository has very nice documentation that should answer all questions.

Windows is not officially supported, but I got it working in under 10 minutes (see here and make sure you have CMake installed and added to your PATH, if you can pip install dlib then you should be golden).

If you are interested in how the model worked, the author wrote a nice post explaining it here.

You can find another cool tutorial on face detection in python here on